Leasing Options for Equipment Dealers

Do you need a reliable and creative equipment leasing partner?

We can help your dealership grow and retain your customer base by offering leasing options for obtaining their equipment.

We have 20 years experience training equipment dealers like you on leasing options that help your customers get the equipment they need to grow their businesses.

Equipment Leasing Options Pay It Forward

When your customers are properly explained the benefits of leasing, they will lease again, and again as their business continues to grow and prosper.

If your industry is like most, you have a fair amount of competition for the same customers. A leasing program will help you turn your prospects into loyal customers. Leasing solutions help you differentiate and establish yourself as a superior company who cares about your customers. Offering your clients a leasing option will set your company far above others in the field by making it easy for your customers to say “yes!”

Leasing can lessen the impact of the cost of your equipment to your customers. By removing the stress of paying large amounts of money up-front, your customer can focus on the quality, features, value and benefits of your equipment – not its price.

Benefits of leasing for your equipment dealership:

  • More Choice of Leasing Options – Affordable monthly payments will allow you customers to focus on the quality of your equipment rather than its total price.
  • Faster Closes – When you present the option of leasing it can result in a quicker close due to cost flexibility.
  • Customer Control – We will let you know when a customer is ready to upgrade.
  • Suitability – Equipment lease terms and monthly payments can be set to suit your customer’s business needs.
  • Track User Value –It is easy to compare monthly lease payments with expected revenue or cost savings. Your customer can understand this, and see how he or she can benefit by acquiring the equipment.
  • Increase Sales – New selling opportunities arise when a lease expires. Help your customer reach their business goals with state-of-the-art equipment.

We are committed to sourcing financial solutions that help dealers grow their business. Our leasing professionals can show you and your team how to leverage leasing to better serve your customers and help them secure the equipment they need.

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