unused What Should I Lease?

In a nutshell, if it depreciates … lease it.

If you need it, we can lease it!

Canadian businesses of all shapes and sizes lease a variety of equipment, tools and technology. In fact, just about anything you may need for your business is leasable. Equipment lease financing is simply a way for you to acquire equipment without paying cash or taking a loan. In our fast-paced, techno-savvy world, many businesses like yours are opting to lease equipment because it offers flexibility in modernizing your business while preserving your capital.

Some commonly leased business equipment includes:

  • Computers and Software
  • Office furniture and fixtures
  • Telecommunication and broadcasting
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Hotel and Restaurant equipment
  • Materials handling
  • Mining and Petroleum equipment
  • Retail store furniture and fixtures
  • Forestry and manufacturing equipment
  • Medical, dental and health care equipment
  • Industrial Printing Equipment
  • Storage Solutions

Some not-so-commonly leased equipment includes:

  • grand pianos
  • artwork
  • ambulances

If you have unusual equipment needs, or a unique business proposition, please call us to discuss at (403) 216-1930.