Cross border shopping?

Cross border shopping?

Sometimes clients ask about purchasing equipment from American vendors.    In most cases, this is easy to do.  Where we have challenges is the American vendor often wants to be paid before they ship the equipment across the border.    Depending on the strength of your company’s credit, we may be able to send them up to 50% of the equipment cost but generally no more than that.  AND, you have to agree to start the lease.   If you’re planning on travelling down this road, be sure you know your American vendor well because once they have their 50% and the lease is started, it is non-cancellable.

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Oh, the Things You Can Lease!

PL-constructionWhen thinking of “lease-able” equipment to list on our website, the challenge was to be brief.    In reality just about any type of equipment including software, can now be leased!    After writing equipment leases for the past 25 years, I have come across many interesting, lease-able assets.   For example,  I have leased a grand piano to the Chateau Lake Louise.    Another medical company leased an ambulance from us.   Then they leased all the equipment on the ambulance.  And finally, they leased all the drugs on the ambulance.   (Think dopamine and epinephrine)

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