Canadian EUVs

Last week I had the opportunity to meet with Will Wilson, Alberta Branch Manager of Cubix Limited here in Calgary.   Among other pieces of industrial equipment, Cubix is now carrying small electric utility vehicles crafted in Canada by Westward Industries.

These Zero-Emission Lithium-ion Industrial vehicles are perfect for a multitude of applications.

They are street legal on most roads in major cities including suburban streets.  (Speed limits must be 40 kph or less)

The on-board battery management system keeps the battery healthy long term and these little EUV’s function quite well in colder weather.

Even Canada Post is getting on board!

If you’re in need of moving people and products, and are concerned about your carbon footprint, a Westward EUV might be the perfect fit. And, you can lease it!   To learn more, reach out to Will at 1-855-538-1425.