How Alberta’s Minimum Wage and Lease Rates Can Both Trick You!

In their e-commerce newsletter last week, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce presented a graph that showed Alberta has the second lowest rate for “minimum wage” in the country.

But a second graph showed that because we enjoy a “low tax environment” we actually have the second HIGHEST minimum wage rate in the country.

Chamber graphic

Would you believe that rates for leasing equipment can trick you in the same way?

Often when people think “leasing” they think high interest rate. Yes, lease rates will normally be higher than a bank loan, but because your accountant can write 100% of that lease payment off against your corporate taxes, you get to re-coup a sizeable part of that expense.

There can be a different outcome when you shift the challenge and see it from a different perspective. The overall cost should be the deciding factor.

Much like the ‘appearance’ of varying minimum wages across the country, the actually amount of money that ends up in your pocket is really what counts.

Image credit:  Calgary Chamber of Commerce