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Lately on my Social Media platforms I am seeing more pictures and stories of equipment vendors setting up at trade shows.   This is great news as it indicates the market is opening up after COVID and trade shows are once again, a place to exhibit your service and products to a wide audience.

To learn more about the trend of returning to trade shows, I reached out to Tracey Moore at Exhibit Studios to ask her thoughts about where this market is going. 

“Trade shows are back and everybody is excited to return to in-person events. A lot has happened in the last two years and our clients are anxious to re-engage with their clients and prospects. Everyone we speak with are tired of zoom and teams meetings. You just can’t create the same raport and be able to showcase the products you offer on a video call. For us personally, it has been great to get prospects back into our showroom. It is really hard to convey how a display looks in person in a rendering or photo.” 

We have worked with Exhibit Studios in Calgary for many years providing lease financing for their own equipment, as well as financing new Trade Show booths for clients.

Here’s an example of some of Exhibit Studios’ extraordinary work!

If you’re thinking about investing in a trade show booth, I would invite you to speak to Tracey or any of the team at Exhibit Studios.   A visit to their showroom is like stepping through the looking glass into an amazing world of colour, design and impact.

And remember, you can lease that incredible work of art that is going to rocket you into a new sales record!   Call us at 403-216-1930!

Lone Worker Safety Solutions

As a means to demonstrate the unique equipment we can lease, I like to occasionally showcase an equipment vendor we work with.

Brad McIntosh is the owner of Lone Worker Safety Solutions, a local Calgary company.                                 

Our relationship started many years back when Brad had a contract for a major oil and gas company that wanted their oil field service technicians to be safe while doing maintenance at drill sites.

Today, there are single workers everywhere from all night fitness clubs, gasoline stations, home delivery drivers (Amazon), real estate agents and many others…

Alone, the gizmos are too small to lease, but quickly become a lease-able asset when several are purchased together.

Here are some of the specs and details.

Lone Worker Safety Solutions

The Power of a First!

A few weeks back, Priority Leasing provided lease financing for their very first ROBOT.  

Hello future!

Please check out the video link from CBC news and meet Classic Building Solutions new “high rise window cleaner”.  This baby is a game changer in terms of safety and efficiency for the high rise window cleaning industry! Hot Hot Hot water, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and nobody risking their life on a regular Wednesday afternoon.

As AI meanders it’s way into the business world, let us know how we can help!

Leasing Robots

CBC Radio recently posted an article about robots in the workplace, and it made me ponder my perception of robotics a little bit.  They are not necessarily the andriod-like creatures of boundary-pushing science (and science fiction ?), nor an invasive replacement for human jobs.  They are a tool.  A tool to help us do our jobs better, faster and with less risk.  And, like so many tools, they can be leased.

So, I thought I would share a couple of the upsides of leasing a robot.

For example, the robot is a one-time expense you can lease over time.  Whereas an employee is paid every year, hopefully with periodic increases.  Also, a leased robot does not require employer contributions for CPP, etc. Please do not get me wrong. I don’t want to see robots taking away jobs but as the article clearly states… “they’re not all coming for our jobs”.

Perhaps think about leasing this way…. you wouldn’t pay your receptionist 3 years in advance, would you? It’s the same for equipment that works for you. You pay as it performs.

CBC Radio Article: More robots are entering Canadian workplaces — but they’re not all coming for our jobs

Header image adapted from Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

Fitness Equipment is Not Just for Gyms

We have seen a recent uptick in businesses looking to lease fitness equipment.  And they aren’t gyms! 

Why you ask?  Because they have extra space and their staff have indicated that would like an on-site workout room.  

I would like to commend these everyday companies as they promote the value of regular exercise.   Not only for the physical benefits, but also for stress relief, better sleep and a calmer approach to problems.   They understand the benefits of getting up from that desk and moving your body!

If this is something you would like to consider for your business, just give us a shout.

Deb at Master Chocolat

It’s not very often I get to actually operate a piece of machinery that we have leased to a client.  But this week was special.  Here I am loading chocolate bars into a “packaging machine” we leased to the chocolate factory owned by Master Chocolat!  Such fun.

There must be a business out there somewhere that needs to lease a Ferrari??!!