Lone Worker Safety Solutions

As a means to demonstrate the unique equipment we can lease, I like to occasionally showcase an equipment vendor we work with.

Brad McIntosh is the owner of Lone Worker Safety Solutions, a local Calgary company.                                 

Our relationship started many years back when Brad had a contract for a major oil and gas company that wanted their oil field service technicians to be safe while doing maintenance at drill sites.

Today, there are single workers everywhere from all night fitness clubs, gasoline stations, home delivery drivers (Amazon), real estate agents and many others…

Alone, the gizmos are too small to lease, but quickly become a lease-able asset when several are purchased together.

Here are some of the specs and details.

Lone Worker Safety Solutions

The Power of a First!

A few weeks back, Priority Leasing provided lease financing for their very first ROBOT.  

Hello future!

Please check out the video link from CBC news and meet Classic Building Solutions new “high rise window cleaner”.  This baby is a game changer in terms of safety and efficiency for the high rise window cleaning industry! Hot Hot Hot water, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and nobody risking their life on a regular Wednesday afternoon.

As AI meanders it’s way into the business world, let us know how we can help!