Can you lease security?

Can you lease security?

Having someone break into your business can leave you feeling angry and violated. I know this because it almost happened to us. Years ago, in our Flint Road location, someone broke into our building and was able to enter several businesses. Although they never actually broke into our suite, the door was severely damaged with a crowbar. We were lucky. The lock, the door, and the frame held. I tell you this to let you know that all aspects of security systems can be leased including intruder alarms, CCTV surveillance packages with cameras and recorders, access control equipment and my personal favourite, smoke fogging systems.

To protect store front windows, you can lease roll shutters, extruding aluminum shutters and expandable grills.Lease-able roll shutters

To protect product or equipment outside, consider leasing a sea can with a heavy duty lock.

And, you’re a retail location and concerned about shoplifters, consider a theft detection gate at the entrance to your store.

Finally, some additional food for thought. Not only is the lease payment a tax deductable expense for your business, but you may very well qualify for a discount from your insurance company if your business is securely protected. This can offset a portion of the lease payment!
Clever you!

photo credit:  Rollco Roll Shutters