How can you stop theft from your work site?

How can you stop theft from your work site?

If tools and equipment were from being stolen from your property or job site, how would you stop it?

A friend of mine who owns a construction company recently complained about tools being stolen from job sites. He was looking at hiring a 24 hour security company. An easier solution would be to lease a “sea-can”.

Leasing Sea Containers can Stop TheftThese storage units can be locked securely at days end and tools will be safe from light fingers.

They are a great way to gain additional secure storage space at a low cost. We’ve provided leases for Sea-cans to a variety of businesses in different industries ranging from outdoor adventure companies to construction companies.

Sea-cans range in price depending on size but an average cost would be about $3000.00. On a 3 year lease, that’s about $100 a month AND your insurance company will love you!

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