Should You Buy or Lease Heavy Equipment?

Should You Buy or Lease Heavy Equipment?

New assets are an essential part of business growth. But finding money to acquire them can impact other areas of your operation. There is no need to sacrifice your company’s image or increase insurance liability and costs by utilizing the wrong equipment for the job.

Your business requires only the best equipment in order to run properly, but sometimes the best equipment is financially out of reach. Heavy equipment is expensive to buy new, and used equipment may be affordable but not reliable. When you’re buying or selling, there’s more to consider than just age and condition.

If you’ve ever bought or sold heavy equipment, you know there’s a lot at stake – even if it’s just one excavator, a bulldozer, or a dump truck.

Why chose equipment Leasing?

  •  A new credit line, not affecting bank overdrafts
  •  Keeps your working capital for day to day requirements and needs.
  •  Spreads the cost of the equipment over the life of the equipment.

Here in Alberta, we may not be out of the downturn just yet, so why tie up valuable cash reserves in costly construction equipment acquisitions?

Equipment leasing is much more than a form of financing. It should be seen as an overall strategy for managing your equipment.

Although leasing for tax purposes is different when the lessee is in the US, there are still many other compelling reasons to look at different financing options. The link below takes you to a great article I came across entitled “Should You Buy or Lease Heavy Equipment?” The article is written by Dallin Hawkins from Integrity Financial Groups, LLC”.

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