Equipment Leasing

With the success of your business comes the increasing demand for your time and resources, which as an entrepreneur you will know are both very precious entities.

Many businesses depend on equipment to get the job done. And for some firms, new equipment might make the difference between inaction and expansion.
There are lots of different ways you can fund large equipment purchases.

Equipment leasing…
From Heavy equipment, to machine tools, construction equipment and manufacturing equipment -if it lifts, shifts, dozes or loads, you can probably lease it!
Equipment leasing is an efficient way for new-start businesses to get hold of the tools they need, as well as a great way to keep your inventory of assets in excellent shape. Here are a few benefits of leasing your assets:
• regular upgrades,
• servicing,
• tax benefits,
• cash flow management.

Would you pay your rent several years in advance? Probably not — so why do the same for your business’s equipment? That’s where equipment finance comes in. Equipment finance in most of its forms gives you predictable payments so you can spread the cost over time.

Typically there are two types of equipment leasing, known as Operating Leases and Finance Leases, which offer a range of different time frames as well as levels of commitment, depending on what equipment you require.

There’s a huge amount of industries and sectors eligible for equipment finance. We at Priority Leasing can help you find equipment finance for:
• Heavy Equipment
• Bar and pub
• Restaurant
• Café, bakery and coffee shop
• Events, including Tradeshows
• Agriculture and farming
• Finance for a garage or mechanic
• Laundry and dry cleaning equipment finance
• Manufacturing and heavy industry
• Office and IT equipment
• Racking warehouse equipment and shelving
• Refrigeration and air conditioning

As a matter of fact, we recently leased a new forklift to a great local company called “The C Can Store”. They’re expanding into Saskatchewan. I kind of lost my nerve at the 6′ high mark! (pic)

Priority Leasing’s team can design a financial solution to resolve most forklift finance problems. In partnership with dealers and manufacturers as the need to add additional flexibility in major applications can be addressed, in particular the need to exchange or return part of the fleet due to changing demands. Priority Leasing can purchase your existing fleet so that you can enjoy the benefits of one of our unique purchase and rent-back schemes. Whether your fleet is large or small, operating from a single location or as part of a national network, a Premier scheme can be designed to match your specific needs.
Priority Leasing has spent 20 exciting years in the equipment financing industry. We are a 100% Canadian owned and operated equipment leasing company servicing clients across Western Canada in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Whether you need equipment for a startup or an established business, we can help you GROW!

You can reach us by calling (403) 216-1930 or via email with our Website’s contact form.