Spotty Credit Doesn’t Always Mean The End Of The Story

I had an interesting chat this week with a fellow who installs roof gutters in Saskatchewan. We had originally quoted him a lease payment of $302.00 per month, but after exploring his credit we found many blemishes. And we often see this.  Life happens and sometimes bills get away from us. 

So unfortunately, I had to tell him that his lease payment, due to his credit issues, would now be closer to $479.00 per month.

Gutter Dude

His response was….. “You know, I get paid about $900.00 per month to install a gutter system on someone’s house.   So I only need to do one ½ house per month to afford this machine.  If I can’t find one ½ house  to do every month, I need to pursue another career!”

The point is he wasn’t all that concerned with the extra finance charge because he was 100% certain he could afford the payment and with the new equipment, he could catch up on his bills and re-establish his credit.

He had faith in himself, and understood leasing.

Do you have a similar story?   Although it’s not easy getting a credit manager to see past slow payments and poor credit, a good story, a contract or a solid plan will always help.   Should we talk?