Is Your Equipment Holding You Back?

Is Your Equipment Holding You Back?

Whether you’re just starting out, needing to upgrade to the latest gym, spa or office equipment or are looking to extend your range of technology – affording the commercial equipment you need to grow your business can be challenging.

The primary reason for running your own business is to make a profit – this requires strategy and planning to achieve a targeted return for your efforts.  Is your “equipment” holding you back?

Upgrading an office system can be quite an expensive proposition. However, there are a number of important reasons why it is necessary for companies to do so. Most importantly – if a company fails to keep their systems up to date, it won’t be long before they are not getting access to new services and features that can offer value and add productivity to their organization.

You’re on a tight budget. You can’t afford to replace your existing equipment with brand-new models…or can you? Here’s how to decide when–and if–it’s time to upgrade, and how to save money doing it.

When Is the Right Time to Upgrade?

Chances are things have changed in your business since you first acquired your equipment. Your equipment could be out-dated, PC’s running slow, or newer and better cardio, strength and group training equipment is now on the market.

Other Key determining factors may include:

  • ·       Increased employee productivity with updated and faster PC’s;
  • ·       Improves security;
  • ·       Motivating new clients with upgraded equipment at the gym;
  • ·       Attracting new clients with professional skin care equipment; and
  • ·       With the impending Carbon Tax – you need to upgrade to remain energy efficient.

In many cases, upgrading may make financial sense. No longer is the cost associated with new equipment purely monetary.

Your next question may be “Should I buy or should I Lease?”

There are pros and cons to both, which makes the decision to buy or lease even more challenging. Leasing helps you avoid the high set-up costs of opening a new facility and it does help you to spread the cost of essential equipment over a period of up to 5 years.

The ins and outs of Equipment Leasing can be somewhat daunting, so that is why I wrote the book  “Equipment Leasing “Essential Facts for Canadian Business” in order to help you to understand how to invest your hard earned profits.

Why read a book about Equipment Leasing?

Simple! Leasing is an industry with myths and misunderstandings that often leave business people confused.

As the founder and president of Priority Leasing Inc., I have successfully combined vision with integrity, as well as leadership and have over 26 years of leasing experience. With that sort of insight, I wrote this book in order to debunk the myths and to arm you with competitive strategies only leasing can give your business.

This book covers financing facts, tips and strategies at a time when economic uncertainty dictates the need for creative financing options.

Some of the take-a-ways you will understand after reading this great book include:

  • ·       How to make a profit from your equipment – IMMEDIATELY!
  • ·       What you should – and should not Lease;
  • ·       How to avoid – or reduce taxes;
  • ·       The best way to maximize the return on your equipment AND optimize the value of your business;
  • ·       How to better leverage your available credit; and
  • ·       How to AVOID making costly mistakes.

You don’t need to wait until the first of January to make a new beginning. Every moment and every hour opens the door to the rest of your life.

For more information on how you can obtain a copy of  Equipment Leasing Essential Facts for Canadian Business please click here.