Lease HVAC? Of Course We Can!

Lease HVAC? Of Course We Can!

This week, the temperature in Calgary reached 30 degrees!  Is this a forecast (pun intended) of what a prairie summer is going to look like? For those of us tied to a desk and not frolicking at the beach, it might be a good time to discuss HVAC systems, and the simplicity of leasing one.

Yes, you can lease any size HVAC system!

To start this story, I would like to mention a church in southeast Calgary who was having an issue with a “hellish atmosphere” last summer.  No, this wasn’t a cheesy re-make of “Angels and Demons” where a leasing agent saves the day, but rather a case of an old air conditioning unit heaving its last chilly breath.

Since holding Sunday service down by the river was not an option, and the parishioners were melting in the stifling air, the good pastor gave us a call and asked if we could lease him a new air conditioner and all the duct work that goes with it.

Perhaps you’re asking yourself, is it really possible to lease a commercial air conditioner? And the metal ductwork permanently attached to the ceiling?  To arrive at an answer, credit managers will ask two simple questions.  “Can they pay?” and “Will they pay?”  In other words, does the church have the cash flow to make monthly payments?  And, does their corporate credit bureau show that they have paid other bills on time?

In this case, both answers were YES, and within a few days the air was cooler and the congregation was enjoying a renewed belief in miracles. This added greatly to the collection plate and the monthly lease payment was easily covered.

So here’s the moral of the story. Running a business is challenging enough without having to sweat while you source all the answers to all the problems.  If we can help you cool off, and enjoy your summer, give us a call and let’s figure this out together.

Stay cool this summer!