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Is Live Tradeshow Marketing a Thing of the Past?


Advancements in technology have created a new type of virtual relationship with exhibiting your products and services to your target market with “virtual events.” This however poses the following questions:

Are Live Tradeshows a Thing of the Past? … Is there still value in human interaction?

Can we form the …

Is Your Equipment Holding You Back?

Whether you’re just starting out, needing to upgrade to the latest gym, spa or office equipment or are looking to extend your range of technology – affording the commercial equipment you need to grow your business can be challenging.

The primary reason for running your own business is to make …

Strategic Considerations 2017: Next Year’s Budget Planning

The year is coming to a close. There were good times and bad times. Face it – the end of the year is always a challenging time for businesses – it is a look at the past year and forecasting for the next year. Your annual performance should provide the …

Romancing The Copier


To operate successfully in today’s competitive market, especially during this recession, businesses need to have the most up to date equipment.

For instance, your copier has finally given up the ghost… and as you know, office equipment can be extremely costly and many businesses simply couldn’t afford to buy printing …

Spinal Tapped – Leasing versus Buying

Did you know that 1 in 5 office workers take up to three weeks off each year due to workplace health problems, in particular lower back disorders and neck/shoulder disorders?   As these numbers increase… more and more people are recognizing chiropractic treatment as an effective method of managing back pain.…

Radical Times….

Radical times call for radical ideas and here’s one you might not have considered! If you have extra offices in your overall office plan, why not think about renting them out?

Single Chair

If you have an office that isn’t in use, then renting out your office space to someone who needs …


0825-smoky_skies2With the recent fires in Washington and B.C., there is a renewed interest in air quality both inside and out.
Calgary’s air quality this summer has been keeping us literally breathless.

Historical air quality studies have shown that during a regular rush hour, the highest the fine particulate matter (PM) …

A Win-Win for Condo Boards and Owners

As Calgary continues to rapidly urbanize and grow in population, so does the demand for condo-style residences.

DEB CONDO PIC Despite impending interest rate hikes and subsequent fears of a housing market crash, condo complexes are still being built and equipment financing is making more and more sense.

Lately we’ve been financing more …

Spotty Credit Doesn’t Always Mean The End Of The Story

I had an interesting chat this week with a fellow who installs roof gutters in Saskatchewan. We had originally quoted him a lease payment of $302.00 per month, but after exploring his credit we found many blemishes. And we often see this.  Life happens and sometimes bills get away from …

How Alberta’s Minimum Wage and Lease Rates Can Both Trick You!

In their e-commerce newsletter last week, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce presented a graph that showed Alberta has the second lowest rate for “minimum wage” in the country.

But a second graph showed that because we enjoy a “low tax environment” we actually have the second HIGHEST minimum wage rate …

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